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Committed to Excellence

Established in 2013

MFIL was founded nine (10) years ago by cofounders H.E Jamar and Natassia Wright. Through our passion for leadership and purpose, we were awarded the Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Leadership for the parish of St. Catherine in 2019. We are appointed United Nations Peace Ambassadors- NGO, Leadership, HR and Marketing Consultants. Our leadership trainings are done locally and internationally.


Mind Food International provides outsourcing services to large organizations such as HoneyBun Limited, Geddes Refrigeration, K&M Meats and Groceries, Interlinc Group and more. MFIL has a current staff complement of over 100 employees who are based at various entities seeking contractual employees. MFIL was instrumental in the restructuring of the Tax Administration of Jamaica during the period 2018 to 2022 when all staff members were required to be reorientated and trained. The company has worked with Geddes Refrigeration on Succession Planning Projects, Senior Executive Trainings and Customer Service Trainings. Other entities that have been trained by MFIL is included but the list is not limited to:


  • The Jamaica Constabulary Force

  • Gateway Cooperative Credit Union

  • The National Health Fund

  • NCB Employees Co-operative Credit Union

  • Bureau of Standards Jamaica

  • The Port Authority of Jamaica

  • K&M Meats & Groceries

  • The Broadcasting Commission

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